Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January - All Your Wedding Photography Questions Answered With Nic Ford


This month we are chatting to Wedding and Fashion photographer Nic Ford. 
Nic specialises in Wedding photography, but has recently ventured into the ever changing, fast paced world of fashion. She has worked with many companies at London Fashion Week and has even ventured to Los Angeles for work! Nic has also worked closely with our previous blog guest Kimberley of Salt on several weddings and fashion shoots.

Nic has worked for numerous couples on their wedding day, including travelling to Brecon and back down to Pembrokeshire. She has over 5 years experience specialising in wedding photography and we have had the pleasure of working with Nic on one of our very own photo shoots. 

For our very first 2017 January blog, we have managed to get your wedding photography questions answered by Nic herself! 

White Bride: Some couples may feel a bit nervous in front of the camera. What is your advice for them? 
Nic: With the packages I offer, there is a free pre wedding shoot. Most couples want to do these and I enjoy doing them. It gives me more time to get to know them before their wedding day and to see how we work together. It's also great because they get extra photos at a location of their choice. 
When couples are nervous I act like a fly on the wall and ask them to act as if I'm not there. To me it is much nicer to get a candid shot! 

WB: Is it a good idea for couples to have a firm idea on what photos they want for their wedding day?
Yes, definitely! It is great to know what style of photography they want. It also helps me so i can research if I need to. 

WB: How far in advance should couple book a photographer? 
A lot of people say once you have booked your venue, book your photographer! I have had bookings up to 2 years in advance! 

WB: Do you recommend they have an all day wedding photography package or half day?
It is entirely up to them, but most people go for full day coverage. 

WB: What happens if it rains on the day? 
The rain doesn't change how the couple feel about each other and they definitely still have an awesome day, but things do get wet! You just have to work around it the best you can and it can be a lot of fun. Prepare beforehand, bring brollies and just go with it! 

WB: When is the deposit and balance due on a typical booking? 
The deposit is due upon booking and the balance in full can be paid anything up to a month before the wedding.

WB: Do you help couples pose for the photos? 
Yes, I always start by giving them direction. A lot of the time their emotions come through so I don't need to give a lot of direction. 

WB: How long after the wedding should the pictures be with the couples to see? 
I try and aim within two to three weeks after the wedding. 

Big thanks to Nic Ford for taking the time to answer our questions. 
Below are some of the fabulous images Nic has taken and some more information on how you can get hold of her.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nicfordphotographer
Email:        info@nicfordphotography.co.uk

Web:          www.nicfordphotography.co.uk


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