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November: Wedding Hair Advice From Award Winning & Cloud Nine Style Ambassador Kimberley Of Salt.

Every Bride knows that their hair is extremely important to their Wedding day look and who better to give you some advice than the gorgeous Kimberley Davies of Salt Salon.

Salt is an award winning salon situated on Milford Haven marina. Over the past 5 years since opening, Salt has become a well established salon that specialises in bridal hair and due to their continuing success are expanding the business. 

Owner and beauty extraordinaire Kimberley has over 7 years experience under her belt, a business HND, level 3 NVQ for hair and not mention she has now gained an assessing qualification! 

If that wasn't enough to make you dash for your phone and book your wedding hair with them, then how about how Kimberley is now a style ambassador for Cloud Nine, the multi award winning hair product company. Kimberley will be working backstage at major fashion and industry events as well as delivering bridal hair styling sessions all over the country. WOW! 

Here is some of Kimberley's expert advice for your wedding hair and trust us, you're going to want to make some notes! 

White Bride: What is the most popular style for long hair?

Kimberley: Typically, the most requested style for long hair would be something along the lines of a half up half down number with a little height on the crown or all down with glamorous waves and loose curls. It’s very much been a season of less is more.

WB: What can you do with short hair for the wedding day? 

Lots! Adding hair pieces and using other little tricks you would be amazed with the looks that can be achieved on both short and medium length hair. Most brides tend to grow their hair for their big day and then come to me as soon as the honeymoon is over and get all of their hair chopped off but I predict a wave of less conforming brides opting for shorter, edgy styles. 

WB: Hair up or hair down?

This all depends on the neckline of the dress and personal style of the bride. Hair up can compliment and show off intricate detailing on a dress rather than hide it if left down. As a bride you don’t want to just assume that hair up is always the way to go. Hair down can be just as beautiful, especially if you are most comfortable with your hair down. You still want to look like you just the best version of you possible and not lose your personal style completely.    

WB: How long before the wedding should you have a hair trial?

I advise to all of my brides to have a wedding hair trial a month or two before the big day. Consultation is key so lots of time is spent discussing ideas and saving images from Pinterest, that way I get a better idea of the desired look. 

WB: How many hair trials does a bride need? 

Usually one trial is enough. Sometimes you need to try a few more styles just to rule it out if you are still unsure. It is also common to have an initial trial and then find that their just isn’t quite enough hair to construct a particular hair up style and it is then that I discuss extensions and other options. 

WB: Should the bride dye her hair just before the wedding? 

This is also discussed during our first meeting and colour appointments are made approximately 1-2 weeks before the wedding day. You want your colour looking fresh and at its best!

WB: Should the bride bring any hair accessories to her trial?

Definitely! Hair accessories determine what style you can have and complete any bridal hair style. Fresh flowers and flower crowns have been a popular choice for brides this wedding season, they are a great way of adding height, texture and colour. 

WB: Do you recommend the bridesmaids all have the same hairstyle for the day? 

More and more brides are steering clear of the identical bridesmaid look, even dresses don’t have to match or even be the same colour. Gone are the days of ‘all buns are to be on the left side’. Letting your maids research and choose a style they want is a much more relaxed and favourable approach, similar styles will compliment each other and the styling of the dresses and overall look.

WB: Does the bride need to do anything to prepare her hair for her wedding day? 

Regular trims and conditioning treatments are a must! It is also a nice idea to build up a relationship with your hair stylist in plenty of time just to make sure you are right for each other and on the same page. 

See some of the Salt team's work below! 

All images courtesy of Salt Salon 

A big Thank You to Kimberley for featuring on this months blog post and if you would like more information on Salt, please contact: 

Tel: 01646 690500

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