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May: Need To Know Bride Make-Up Advice With Amrie

Here is our first Bridal advice blog and for this one we have teamed up with make-up artist Amrie Duckett for her advice and tips.

We are positive this will help you brides make decisions about your wedding make-up! 

WB: What is the most popular wedding make-up look?
AD: Most brides want a very natural but flawless look. You do however get some brides that want a statement eye or lip. More often than not though I get ‘can you make me look flawless but still look me’ and ‘can you make me the glamorous me’. Every bride is different and that's why a trial is crucial to your make up for your wedding day to make sure that we have the look you wanted to achieve and also to make your wedding day as stress free as possible.

WB: What do you think of a bold lip for a bride’s wedding day compared to the natural look?
AD: A bold lip can look beautiful if done properly. I always love a bright red lip especially in Winter or a plum in Autumn or a bright pink or coral in Spring or Summer.. If you go for a bold lip though please go natural everywhere else. You don't want to look overdone!! 

WB: What advice do you have for brides make-up styles for their wedding day?
AD: I always say to my brides to make sure they always look like them. I do say to have a look at make up looks and put them aside for the trial for us to have a look at. However seeing it on a photo and seeing it on you is a different thing completely. What looks nice on someone won't necessarily mean it will look nice on you. Again I always advise and do a trial and there is no time limit with your trial so we have time to get the look 100% perfect for your special day.

WB: Can you recommend a good waterproof mascara?
AD: I have tried and tested so many different types. When working in Harrods I worked at the Tom Ford and then Chanel counter. Also becoming a MAC pro  and then turned freelance in 2009. I now use the MAC haute and naughty waterproof mascara. It is completely waterproof and doesn't smudge or go powdery even when in the water. You can cry all you like and it doesn't budge!!

WB: How long before the wedding should brides book their make-up artists?
AD: If you have a make up artist in mind and really want them, contact them as soon as you can. I have wedding booked already for 2018 and hate when brides to be ring me up asking if I can do their wedding make up for a few months time and I am already fully booked!! Most brides to be don't think make up is an essential especially the grooms! Having amazing make up will make your images look awesome!  I always say that the first 5 things to book is your wedding date, venue, photographer, dress and make up!!

WB: When should they have their make-up trials?
AD: I recommend to have your trial 6 to 8 weeks before your big day! It's far enough that you’re not stressing about your make up but it's also close enough that any make up trends will still be on trend and if you do decide on a second trial we still have time to do any adjustments if needed. 

WB: Do you need to know how the bride is styling her hair to match her make-up style?
AD: Its always nice to know the big day essentials. For instance colour scheme, style of dress, veil or no veil, hair up or down. There is a lot to factor into the make up look. 

WB: Any great tips for keeping the brides skin clear before the weddings?
AD: Before my big day I made sure I had a facial and deep clean every month up until 4 weeks before the wedding and then only wore make up when necessary so that my skin could breathe and make sure I was as spot free as possible. Make sure you drink plenty of water too to re-hydrate your skin and get your 40 winks!!

WB: Does every bride want the same package or do you get them to tailor make their own?
AD: Every bride is different so I always recommend each bride to make their own package. I specialize in wedding make up but also do your massage, facials, nails, lashes, tans, waxing, HD brows and more. I can also cater for the bride but also their bridal party and guests too. So you can make your package as big or as small as possible.

WB: What products should the bride have handy to top up her make-up on the day?
AD: The only product you would have to reapply when having your make up done with me is your lip. You can get long lasting stains and lipsticks but they tend to be dry and not very pleasant. If you think the amount of smooching you'll be doing and with all the pictures you'll be having you'd want your lips looking fresh.

WB: What is your advice on fake tans for a summer glow?
AD: I use Fake Bake on all my brides to be. It's not streaky and it a lovely natural colour. I always say to brides to have a trial with this also. Maybe have it done before your hen do. This way you can choose which day you like the colour and we can then make sure you have your tan done in the right day before your wedding. 

A big Thank You to Amrie for taking the time to take us through her expert advice. 

Keep posted for more blogs from White Bride and share this with your friends! 

White Bride. 

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