Thursday, October 1, 2015

Your answer to making the most of the outdoors and staying dry this winter!

The answer to staying dry this winter and getting out and about, (even if the weather does threaten to pour down), comes in the form of Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots! 

We have fallen head over heels for these boots. The Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots are made from 100% natural material (85% natural rubber, but the other 15% is an Ilse Jacobsen headquarters secret!) 
The laces are made from 100% cotton and are totally adjustable to fit to your legs. (So no big gaps like you get in typical wellies!)

We have them in two colours ~ Indigo and Red. 
Can these rain boots get any better? YES! 
Because they are so sturdy and made so well, they won't get ruined in the cold! The soles are made out of lightweight EVA and they can withstand up to temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius (although we're hoping it doesn't get THAT cold in Wales!).

So, do we really need to give you any other reason to snap up a pair of these rain boots? Well, here's one more.. They are only £110 and will last you for many winters and for thousands of puddles!

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