Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rumours and Gossip.....

In the last few weeks we have had lots of  brides coming in to us worried about being either charged for the appointment or that our gowns are very expensive, so we wanted to reassure you on these and other points.

We DON'T charge for appointments

You make an appointment and have the bridal boutique to yourself and your bridesmaids/Mum for 1.5hrs.
This gives you lots of time to look at the collections and try on as many of the beautiful gowns as you want.
If you can't decide on the first appointment the follow up appointment is for 1hr and again you would have the shop to yourself for the whole time.

This is something really important to us. The fit of a wedding gown can either make it look a mess or as if it was made for the bride.
It should look like it is made for you, the length should be just skimming the floor so you can glide easily and not have to pick the gown up.The bust should sit snug against your chest - not too tight and there should NEVER be back fat (a gown is too small or pulled too tight if this happens).
We include these things in our prices. The length of a gown and minor tweaking so when you leave the shop your gown is fitting perfectly.

Losing weight
OK every bride pretty much wants to loose weight however we NEVER order a gown smaller than the measurement of the bride.
 IF you do lose weight then the gown can be taken in, there would be a charge for this as this is an additional cost. We charge £50 to take a gown in due to weight loss, we believe this is fair ( I do wish we were psychic) but we can't guess this as sometimes the weight goes off one bit of your body more than another!

 In house seamstress
We have a sewing room upstairs in White Bride. This makes things so much easier for you as a bride  as you  don't have to go anywhere else for fitting.
 This is quite unusual in West Wales as most boutiques don't offer this service, we are really proud of it.

So this seems to be the biggest rumour which we would like to dispel.
The prices of our gowns go from £950, we have quite a few between £950-1100 and they are beautiful gowns (remember the price includes alterations).
Then the next pricepoint is £1150-1600 with over half our gowns in this price range we feel this is  very affordable.
We do sell Couture gowns which are between £1800 to  £2650 but are so very special and made to measure.
Have a look at White Bride here to see how the designers price structure fits in here and please always give us a call or email if you want to know the price of a specific gown.......

Sample Gowns
As our SAMPLE SALE is coming up in July we will be selling off lots of our collection to make room for the new gowns for 2016 which will arrive from Mid July onwards.

Gowns in the sample sale are shop samples and have been tried on by brides but we are very careful with our gowns and try to keep them in great condition, they are always a bargain though and this SALE we have gowns from £200.
The sizes range from 8-14 they can be made smaller (by 4-6") and bigger usually by 2" or we can modify the design to have a panel so there are lots of options.

The gowns DO NOT include ALTERATIONS - This is the one collection that doesn't. As they are  greatly reduced we do charge for any alterations needed - hem, tweaking etc.
We will give you a clear guide when you buy.

I hope all the above helps you and has given you some guidance on the confusing elements of wedding gown shopping and how we do it at White Bride.

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